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Roofers Choice – Synthetic Felt [Topside Color, Charcoal Gray]               “Made in USA”

Construction:                                                   10x10 HDPE Laminated to Point Bonded PP

                                                                         Coated with High COF Co-Polymer

Dimensions:                                                     5 ft X 200 ft [10 sqs/1000 sf ]

Weight:                                                            38 lbs [approx]

Pliability,                                                          Pass    [No cracks when bent 90 degree over ” radius mandrel]

[ASTM D226 per AC188]

Tensile Strength:                                              190 lbs. warp x 180 lbs. weft [ASTM D751, Grab]

[ASTM D828 per AC188]                                      Pass

Tear Strength:                                                  50 lbs. warp x 50lbs. weft [ASTM D 751, Tongue]

Elongation:                                                      25% MD X 25% CD

Thickness:                                                       14 Mils [+/- 10%]

UV Exposure Rating                                       180 days [no signs of peeling, chipping, cracking, flaking or pitting]

[AC48 per AC188]

Softening Point                                               220 degrees Fahrenheit

Water Transmission                                        No water transmission through specimen “Pass”

[ASTM D4869 per AC 188]

These are typical property values and are intended as guides only.